This page presents a short overview of publications and interviews with Bram Berkien. These include interviews with several climbing, sports, marketing and photography related websites, and publications in both online and offline media and marketing campaigns.

Online publications

Feature post on blog of Swiss camera equipment manufacturer Elinchrom.

Contributions to the Red Bull Content Pool.

Contributions to The Project Magazine: A setting session with Jacky Godoffe, Capturing the gym culture in climbing, Shooting modern rock climbing icons.

Article on Petapixel about using backlight to create an epic setting for shooting athletes.

Feature on the German climbing website Klettern about my personal project shooting the best climbers in the world.

Feature on Klettern about shooting the best male and female athletes at Adidas Rockstars.

Short interview with Austrian climbing magazine Climax.



Photos in context



Campaign for Bavaria, starring icons of PSV Eindhoven football club: Bjorn van der Doelen, Wilfred Bouma and Berry van Aerle



Marketing campaign on PSV Eindhoven’s landing page and season pass page



Dutch sponsored La Sportiva athletes series - team

La Sportiva Dutch sponsored athletes team, used as a banner on different media.




Marketing campaign for city of Eindhoven, encouraging citizens to take up sports







Various stories for PSV Eindhoven club magazine




Mad Rock postcards of Jan Hojer and Jule Wurm.




Mad Rock poster of Jan Hojer in Fontainebleau.



nihil climbing landing pageNihil climbing campaign, landing page




Spread about Dmitri Sharafutdinov in Austrian climbing magazine Climax.




Feature article and cover with Adam Ondra in Dutch climbing magazine Blok



Top Russian climber Rustam Gelmanov interview in Dutch climbing magazine Blok