Drawing inspiration from the portraiture masters

Ever since I started shooting photos I’ve always tried my very best to be continually inspired by the work of other photographers. It’s always humbling and at the same time massively motivating to see the work of the masters of photography. Recently I’ve been hugely inspired by Peter Lindbergh and Anton Corbijn, compelling me to start my own project.

Sao Miguel

While on a family holiday to the Portugese Acores island group in the middle of the Atlantic ocean I stumbled upon this perfect little beach. I realized the sun would be hitting the beach near Sao Miguel at a perfect angle later in the afternoon. While the rest of my family retreated to our rental house, I drove back later that day to capture some images I knew would find a place in my portfolio.

This is not a blog

All new starts are hard, and starting a new blog is infamous within the overpopulated world of hard new starts. It’s not like this is the first time I’ve tried this, so therefore let’s do a bit of reframing: this is not a blog!