Climber with backlight in Monk Bouldergym

5 ways I try to make life easier for my photography clients

Being a photographer doesn’t just mean sending your client photos. Instead, it’s all about helping them to quickly get the things done that they want to accomplish. In a sense, my photos are only a means to an end. By understanding how my photography clients will be using my work, I can make the experience even better for them. These are five things I do to make life easier for my clients.

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Should clients give photographers artistic freedom or direction?

As a photographer, working for a client can be a vastly different experience than shooting personal work where you have total creative freedom. Giving their photographers direction can be essential to making sure a client sees his vision realised in photos. At the same time, allowing photographers some freedom may help improve results. These are my thoughts on walking the line between artistic freedom and creative direction as a client.

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Monthly digest: Rotterdam marathon, Red Bull racing athlete and crossfit

After having written about some projects by other creatives, I figured it was time to shed some light on my own work again. Here’s some series I’ve worked on for the past few months, both on assignment and as personal projects. These include covering the Rotterdam marathon, shooting with a young and talented racing driver sponsored by Red Bull, and shooting some crossfit for my portfolio.

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Passionate PSV Eindhoven athlete Oscar Hiljemark shot in studio

Content marketing for photographers

Recently, I’ve been focussing my writing on my blog on content marketing and visual storytelling. Many of my recent posts have revolved around brands using these techniques in an awesome way, and included some of my thoughts on how to best go about applying content marketing and storytelling. This led me to a somewhat delayed epiphany: these are techniques I could and should employ myself as well in marketing my photography.

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Monthly digest: climbing in Sheffield, work for PSV and product launch for Jaybird

It’s been some time since I last posted a written update on my projects – time for some fresh work! In this digest you’ll find some work I shot for PSV Eindhoven and a product launch for the US brand Jaybird where I shot alongside my buddy Maurice. In addition, of course I shot some climbing and you’ll find some personal work where I shot a running athlete and portraits of some friends.

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PSV future superstars: youth teams shot for the club magazine

Documenting PSV Eindhoven’s youth squads

PSV Eindhoven has been one of my favourite clients for some time now. In an ongoing project for the club’s magazine, I’m documenting the youth squads at their academy. Here’s some of my favourite images from the series, along with some of my experiences shooting these future superstars and my dream of shooting similar images with the world’s best athletes for brands.

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Monthly Digest #1 – June 2016

Starting a new series on this blog: Monthly Digest! Delivering you a quick recap of my photoshoots in the past month. Not too much text, just a boatload of images for you to scroll through. For this first edition of the monthly digest I also wanted to highlight some special work from May. I did two major photoshoots with some top athletes that month.

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Photo of Adam Ondra shot for Blok climbing magazine

Shooting Adam Ondra, the best climber in the world

Quick heads-up: this will probably turn out to be a rather lengthy story. Bear with me though as I’ll be sharing a truely unique story about Adam Ondra, often regarded as the world’s best climber. In 2013, I photographed Adam at his local climbing crag near Brno in Czech Republic. The story and image of him climbing an 8b route wearing a blindfold made its way around the online climbing community.

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Sao Miguel

While on a family holiday to the Portugese Acores island group in the middle of the Atlantic ocean I stumbled upon this perfect little beach. I realized the sun would be hitting the beach near Sao Miguel at a perfect angle later in the afternoon. While the rest of my family retreated to our rental house, I drove back later that day to capture some images I knew would find a place in my portfolio.

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